About us

Dear colleagues and customers,

Our company produces and delivers spare parts for enterprises operating in three shifts, on highly intensive rate, as well as equipment exposed to harmful conditions. We have been working in this sphere of activity for almost a decade. We maintain bread-producing plants, corn mills, confectionery plants, textile factories and print houses, i.e. large scale enterprises with considerable turnover. We know that eventual outages in such enterprises are highly expensive because of the intensive rate of manufacturing and also thoroughly undesirable with regard to due terms. In order to respond to these needs, we have organized the production and the delivery of spare parts as follows:

  1. We go straight to our customers to find out the problem, thus saving time
  2. We produce items of high quality and observe the rules of metal-processing
  3. We always take into consideration urgent due terms but not at the expense of high quality
  4. We deliver the spare parts to our customers
  5. The items are paid after they are tested in the production process.
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