About us

Since 1995 Module LTD produces and delivers spare parts for enterprises operating on highly intensive rate, as well as equipment exposed to harmful conditions. We maintain large scale enterprises with considerable turnover. We produce and deliver gears and torsion springs.


Contacts us

  • GSM: 0888 785164
  • fax: 02 9456740
  • e-mail: module@abv.bg

str. Bethoven 6, bl. 3A
1113 Sofia

How we work

  1. We go straight to our customers after their call and find out the problem.
  2. produce items of high quality, using a sample or a sketch.
  3. We always take into consideration urgent due terms but not at the expense of high quality
  4. We deliver the spare parts to our customers
  5. The items are paid after they are tested in the production process.
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